Spider-Man 3 (TM)

Spider-Man 3 (TM) 1.0

Spider-man 3 is a action game that features your friendly neighbor spidey
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Spider-man 3 is a action game that features your friendly neighbor spidey. This game takes on the events of the last Spider-man movie, Spider-man 3. In this game, you will be able to roam around the whole New York city and put order as you go. A good thing about this game is that it is up to you as how you want to play. You are given a map which tells you where things are happening. For example, as you cruise around with your spider webs, your spider senses will tell you that there are people in danger, and that location is saved on your map so that you can go later. There are also many missions that you can complete in chronological order. Indeed, there is a cop that always needs your help to take down the mafia, or drug leaders, or very bad people. So you can always go to her icon on the map and help her out. You will also unlock powers, fight combos and suits as you complete missions. However, you can probably just explore the city and save kids from getting hit by cars all the time and you will probably not get bored. The graphics are really neat, but this is a great game thanks to the great controls, which make it easy to fight thugs left and right.

José Fernández
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